Why we should all embrace pink hair

I am dying for pink hair. I mean, come on already!

I am obsessed.

Pink 3

Pink 5

I think it’s possibly the prettiest hair trend I’ve seen and there’s no escaping it at the moment.

Bubblegum, candyfloss, coral, rose… I am loving them all. This year must be the year of pink hair as far as hair trends go. 2012 was shaving that weird side bit, 2013 the pixie crop, 2014 ombré everything, 2015 PINK.

Alas, I work in an office and don’t think the pink locks would go down that well, or co-ordinate with the work wardrobe either. Yet. Sniff.

So for now, here’s me pining over pretty pictures and wishing I was one of those cool Tumblr girls that could pull this off… but… you know, I like space and science and carbs and Netflix, so…. choices.

Pink 4

Pink 6

Pink 10

Pink 8

    Pink 9

What do you think about the pink? Yay? Or, just a bit too cool?

(All pictures taken from Pinterest)

Pink 1


















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