Decor Edit: Monochrome Kitchen Inspiration

So I’ve talked about my new apartment a bit now, and I recently shared some of the living room inspiration I’ve been stalking over the last few weeks. (Thank you Pinterest, you are the maker of all dreams!)

Today I thought it was time to try and figure out what I’m going to do with my kitchen. The kitchen in my apartment is pretty small. It’s the perfect size for me, but it’s not really a space you can socialise in as it’s pretty compact. At the moment all the cupboards are cream and the work top is grey.

These are some schemes and themes and call to my inner kitchen goddess and I’m fairly sure I just can’t live without.

First up, I adore blackboard walls and I think they look so cool in kitchens. They can feature as an art wall, but are also functional and where you can write menus, shopping lists, to do lists and chores.

Kitchen Inspo 1

Kitchen Inspo 6

I am desperate for a Smeg fridge. I mean, hello? Holy cuteness. Unfortunately I think they’re a bit outside my budget at the moment, so it’s temporarily on the ‘dreaming about’ list.

Kitchen Inspo 4

I mean, this black one is just too cool.

Kitchen Inspo 3

Because my Kitchen is quite small I need to think carefully about work top space and storage solutions. I think we’re all a bit guilty of filling our cupboards with big chunky appliances or tableware that we never use.

For example I have this dreaaaamy pie dish and matching rolling pin from Anthropologie. Have I ever used it? No.

Have I ever even made a pie? No.

So if I was able to keep my kitchen and tableware to a (stylish) minimum, something like these open shelves would be a perfect way to display some of those fancier pieces. (your day will come pie dish!)

Kitchen Inspo 5

In contrast to the black-board wall, I think subway tiles are also a really clever way to brighten up a small kitchen and give it a bit of an industrial modern twist.

Kitchen Inspo 7

They’re really versatile and can be set with grey grout like the picture above, or white, like the picture below. Both give really effective looks and a strong theme.

Kitchen Inspo 2

Ideally in the future I would love to change the worktop for a stylish wooden top or grey marble surface… but that might have to go on the wish list for now. Sigh.

So those are just a few of the themes I’m crushing over at the moment. This room, although pretty petite, has got me particularly inspired. I can’t wait to be in here cooking away in my new space.

Let the designing begin.

What is your favourite feature of your kitchen?



  1. florenceandmary
    8th July 2015 / 1:30 pm

    I’ve always wanted a red Smeg but they are out of my price range too. I did manage to find a far cheaper alternative from Bush which actually is more practical in size too!

    Victoria x

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