My 26th Birthday

Last week I turned 26. Like, real adult territory. No more hiding behind comfortable 24, gone are the days where you can blame ‘only being 25’, nope. 26 is legit. Damn it.

Anyway, I had a whole week of fun, because naturally most birthdays should last for a week (durr), so here’s a couple of snaps of my week of 26.

First up me and my girl Stace went had a date weekend and went strawberry picking! It was so fun and the most summery thing ever! It was a gorgeous hot day and it felt like a proper British summertime activity.

image (2)     image_1 (2)


Also didn’t manage to get any juice down my white t-shirt during the mandatory scoff as you fill your basket. Winning.

Our weekend was filled with BBQs, drinks, sunning ourselves and a cheeky trip to Bath to go to the Carnival there! It was such a beautiful day, sun was out, there were costumes, music, dancing and a parade to go with it! Best day.

image_3 (2) image_4 (2) image image_6 image_4 image_2 image_1

I also got totally spoilt on my actual birthday by my favourites & fam.  I was just at work on my birthday but had a lovely family meal and treats in the evening.

 My friends & bros also went to watch Avenue Q the night after which absolutely hilarious if you ever get to go!

 Yep, 26 got off to a really great start.

Feeling very lucky and super thankful for my people 💗

Have a great weekend!


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