5 Shops to find the finishing touches for your home

If you’ve been a blog reader of mine for a while, you’ll know I have an obsession with interiors and home design. I just love it all. My favourite of all is the searching and looking for different themes, and seeing how a scheme could be put together.

A lot of the styles and schemes I love involve quirkier touches that aren’t always available in high street shops or mainstream department stores. So typically I do a lot of searching the web for unusual, eclectic and unique pieces to make my space more ‘me’.

I do a lot of comparing and searching different online shops to make sure I’m getting a good deal, and that the item I’m looking for is worth it. I’ve noticed if something is fashionable or trending, then you’ll be able to find similar pieces in both high end and lower end stores for very different budgets, so it’s worth searching around for the best deal. Obviously if you’ve got your eye on something really bespoke, it might be that you have to face the fact it’s going to be a slightly painful purchase.

Now obviously, the risk of buying stuff online is that you might not going to like it in the flesh. The biggest learning for me over the last few years has been to measure your space and check the dimensions of the product before you buy it!!

I once bought 5 black wire ceiling lampshades for my hallways, wanting to keep a bit of continuity running throughout the space, and I assumed they were a ‘normal’ size. Oh no. Wasn’t to be. When they arrived they we’re over a metre in height each, they were huge and just completely impractical for narrow hallways!

Lesson learned. MEASURE.

Through my hours of searching and trawling the web, I’ve found a few favourite stores that I go back to over and over again. This isn’t an exhaustive list AT ALL, I could probably name hundreds of shops I love, but these are probably my top 5 at the moment while I style up my apartment!

1. Etsy

For quirky pieces, you can’t beat Etsy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s an online community for small business, so you’ll find lots of handmade, homemade and one off pieces here. It’s brilliant for the finishing touches and accessories to style a room. In my experience, the furniture is typically more expensive, but it really depends what budget you’re working towards.

My favourite Etsy finds this month are…

Etsy Collage




2. H&M Home

H&M Home is everything you’ve come to love from H&M clothing, in home decor form. Stylish, trend setting and affordable. Bold prints, classic pieces and those finishing touches that bring a scheme together. I regularly order from H&M Home and I think the quality of their items is outstanding. I can’t rate it enough.

My favourite H&M Home finds this month are…


HM collage

3. Graham & Green

Now Graham & Green tips the scale as one of the more expensive shops on my list. Their products are quirky, luxurious and painfully cool. And the prices of their items typically reflects those principles. Unless money is no object, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to deck your home out exclusively in Graham & Green produce, but for the little people like me, the odd beautiful piece is worth the price to make a room and style come alive.

My favourite Graham & Green pieces I love for my home this month are…

Graham and Green Collage

4. Ebay

I love eBay. It might not scream at you as a typical home decor go to, but let me tell you, there are some absolute steals that you just cant miss. If I find a piece I really like in a magazine or pinterest, my first point of call is normally eBay to see if I can find a similar piece. Don’t be put off it’s going to be a load of second hand junk, a lot of shops now operate through eBay so the pieces are completely new, just typically cheaper than the high street. Now that works for me.

A few of my favourite finds on eBay this month have been…

Ebay collage5. Holly’s House

Finally, Holly’s House is my last gem. I stumbled across Holly’s House through Pinterest and fell in love with the store. Unique, stylish, affordable and just the coolest of cool pieces. I definitely recommend browsing to your hearts content and the range of beautiful items on sale are guaranteed to go with whatever look you’re trying to create.

My favourite Holly’s House find are…

Hollys House Collage

And that’s it folks. My starter for 5. Now go digging for treasure! And definitely come back and tell me if you found anything for your homes!

P.s. This isn’t a sponsored post, just sharing the love y’all!



  1. 20th September 2015 / 7:14 pm

    Graham and Green looks fabulous, I’m definitely going to check it out! Easy is amazing, but somewhat overwhelming. Love your blog, looking forward to following.

    • 20th September 2015 / 9:33 pm

      Graham and Green is lovely Sadie! I could browse there all day! 🙂 thank you for the love! Xx

  2. Tayma
    20th September 2015 / 9:18 pm

    Loved this blog! Get cracking on your next one 🙂

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