Why I Swear By Essie Nail Polish

I love to have freshly painted nails and try to take a much care of my hands and nails as possible.

I normally paint my nails once to twice a week and I’ve had soooo much practice doing it I actually prefer painting my own nails over getting a manicure. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the shaping and massaging bit, but when it comes to the painting, there’s always something I would tweak and so I’m yet to have a perfect manicure!

Essie is my go to nail polish for painting my nails. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the other high street brands like Rimmel or Bourjois, but not crazy expensive like Chanel or Tom Ford etc. I think it’s one of those brands where I can really tell what I’m paying for in comparison to other products.

Essie polishes are brilliant at self-levelling. That means if you’ve just painted a nail and you accidently put a small dent in the polish, usually it will level out by the time it dries and you won’t see it anymore. It’s quite forgiving and perfect if like me you are often in a rush to get your nails done.

I also find their polishes to be really highly pigmented, so you only need really 2 coats to get the ‘true’ colour. Sometimes with a darker colour, you might not even need a second coat depending on the depth of colour you’re looking for.

I also absolutely LOVE the applicator brush. It fits the shape of my nail perfectly. It’s a slightly rounded end so your don’t have a blunt corner you’re trying to paint a curved nail base with and end up with polish on your finger or a jagged base by your cuticle. This makes applying the polish a dream and the whole process is super easy – even if you don’t paint your nails that often and feel you need practice, I’d say Essie is a safe bet for getting a good finish.

Today I picked up 2 new pretty pink shades: ‘Not just a pretty face’ and ‘Mademoiselle’ to go with my all time favourite ‘Ballet Slippers’.


I really love Essie’s pink tones. They’re really buildable so you can make the colour darker by applying extra layers. These tones are really lovely for work and I find make your hands look extra manicured as they’re soft, feminine and shiny.


I’ve also been loving the ‘Love and Light’ Hand Cream from Lush and have been applying this a couple of times a day to keep my hands looking young! Plus it smells amazing!


What is your favourite Essie shade?


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