How to Snack healthily

After sharing this post back in November about my attitude and lifestyle change to eating clean, wholesome and nutritious foods, I thought it might be interesting to share a few of the health foods I’ve bought recently.

Some of these I’ve never tried before so I’m excited to incorporate them into my diet. Others are tried and tested and are re-purchases.

One of the biggest challenges I found when trying to change my lifestyle was knowing what to eat, what to buy, where to get it from and then what I could actually cook with it. It felt like a whole wide world of health foods and I didn’t really know where to start.

I started watching vlogs and other bloggers talk about their food experiences and I picked up hints and tips that I’m now incorporating into my diet.

So I decided to film a haul of a selection of health foods I recently picked up to share with you and provide inspiration if you’re also looking to make a change, or even just snack a bit healthier! I hope you find this useful!

Let me know if you would like to see more of these types of videos or more information and stories about my clean eating journey.



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