My recent Lush Purchases

Lush is one of my favourite Brands.

They’ve managed to create a fun, engaging and iconic brand with underlying high quality products that ensure they live up to and deserve the hype they get.

I’ve been using Lush products for the last year and aside from their array of beautiful and crazy looking (and sounding) bathbombs, bubble bars and bath melts, I’ve ventured into their skincare and hair care ranges as well and I could not be more impressed.

I have loved my experiences with Lush so far and can’t wait to try more and more products in the future.

I decided I wanted to share my most recent trip to Lush with you guys and talk through the products I purchased and why. So go and get a tea, sit back and click that little play button for a Lush rundown, Honestly Ombré style!

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Let me know what you think of my recent purchases and leave me a comment below about your favourite Lush products that I need to pick up next time!




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