Planning my American Road Trip

If you follow me on YouTube you may have heard me mention that I’m in the process of planning an epic American road trip which I’ll be starting in October.
I’m starting in Las Vegas and from there I’m branching off and working my way all through the state of Oregon, all through Washington and finishing up in Seattle, before heading back to Vegas.
Seriously. Beyond. Excited.
I’m busy planning the exact route and making sure to squeeze in as many of the stops as possible. Highlights of the trip so far are watching Sia in Vegas, Crater Lake in Oregon, Oregon Caves, City of Portland, Colombia River Gorge, Olympic National Park, Ruby Beach, Whale watching, the list goes on and on…
If any of you guys have done a trip like this, or visited any of these places, please leave me recommendations below – I would LOVE to hear what you loved and what we NEED to add to our list!
I’m also trying to work out how best to capture our trip. I know I want to film, but I’m still planning whether this will be via vlogs, or more specific videos… What would you like to see?? Vlogs? What I eat in Vegas? Lookbooks? Give me suggestions down below!
And because I am totally obsessed with this trip and seem to have America on my mind constantly, let’s indulge in the American flag on eeeeverrrrrrthang!!


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