Life through my iPhone #1

For those of you who are long time readers, (and I mean lonnnnng time readers who go all the way back to the ‘iamjessw’ blog days! Hey, I see you.) you may remember I used to do regular posts called ‘Life lately according to my iPhone’, where I would should you pictures from my camera roll that didn’t make it on to social media – kind of like a monthly round up of activities and experiences I had had.

Those posts always seemed to go down a treat, and I decided as my reader base grows over here on Honestly Ombre, I want to share more of my life so I don’t forget about cool experiences I have had.

So I’m bringing it back and my iPhone couldn’t be happier (he tells me). This time however, I’m going to call this series ‘Life through my iPhone’ and this will enable me not only to share photos sitting on my camera roll, but also share apps I have discovered or been using a lot and feel your iPhone (or other non-iPhone based phones, ps. you need to re-evaluate your life choices) needs immediately!

So here goes the first installment!



Just a few of the highlights include: walks around the trees at Westonbirt Arboritum and ice-creams in the sunshine with David, celebrating my Mum’s birthday with presents and a trip to Asparagasm in Nailsworth, David taking part in a 24 hour Rounders Competition (and smashing it!), watching Crazy for You at the Watermill Theatre in Newbury with David’s family, having dinner with my Dad and brother Ollie, making vegan Fettuccine pasta from Hot for Food (incred), wishing farewell to my boss of 4 years Lee who is leaving the company (with hangovers to match the next day), watching the Cricket at Edgbaston (pink hats and lots of cider made it way more fun), getting new bathroom floors in my apartment (yay!), having breakfast with my Mum & brothers at Frankie & Benny’s and finally celebrating Ollie smashing his A Levels and getting into Cambridge University.

Phew! These last few weeks have been pretty epic. I love looking back like this and appreciating the little moments – they’re so important for a happy life!

Apps I have been loving:

I recently downloaded ‘Free Prints’ on the recommendation of my friend Chloe. You basically get 45 free photos printed off each month and all you have to pay for is postage. I know!! Totally free. I downloaded this as soon as I heard about it and have already put in my first order and I’m so impressed at the quality! You’re welcome.


What apps have you been loving?


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