Out of this world fashion trends

Galaxies and stars and planets and space have fascinated me for years. I’m a space nerd. Something about space just gets to me. The most romantic date I’ve been on was to the London Planetarium. We laid in the dark and looked up at the night sky dome and saw all of the hundreds of stars above use and learnt all about the constellations and planets. Safe to save, that one made a lasting impression 😉

The celestial trend is travelling towards us at lightning speed this Autumn/Winter. Seriously, I’m in fashion trend heaven. You may already be aware of seeing stars and space dust clothing, and I think this is only going to continue on into the year. Star themed New Years party anyone?

There’s something quiet millennial about this trend – remember all the star tattoos people got about 6/7 years ago? Well it’s coming back around!

I’ve picked out some of my favourite pieces I could find from a whole range of shops to showcase this trend and give you guys some inspiration for how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe. All the items below are shoppable so get clicking and see which is your favourite!

Leave me a comment down below with your favourite piece!



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