Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

I think veganism can be talked about under 3 broad topics: health, environment and ethical treatment of animals.

For me, diet was the driver behind my initial transition to veganism. I’ve talked about my health before here on my blog, and so my interest and awareness of veganism grew from food. I started to watch vegan food channels, and found inspirational vegan bloggers and so I gradually learnt more and more about this lifestyle.

As I began learning more about this topic I began to understand my wider impact and how veganism touches so many areas of life. I became hungry for information, and a huge source of inspiration for me was through the films and documentaries I watched.

They honestly blew my mind, and without these 5 documentaries/films, I don’t think I would have fully understood or committed to this lifestyle.

These documentaries physically changed me as a person.

I was a carnivore before watching these documentaries, not a vegetarian. And within a 4 week period, I was fully vegan.

These films are fascinating, harrowing, heart breaking, enraging, educational, inspiring, moving, empowering and enlightening. And I would urge every human to watch each of them.

In order that I watched them:

Now don’t get me wrong, it was a huge mixture of emotions watching these films, and not at all a scene of a happy go lucky newly enlightened vegan skipping around the room. It was emotional. I was confused. My new found knowledge was challenging everything I thought I knew about food and its origins. About its benefits and requirements. And a small part of me wished I could get back that ignorance when life was simpler and I didn’t know the truth. But that was only fleeting and believe me, all vegans I’m sure would have had these similar thoughts when they were transitioning.

The main reaction for me was wanting to tell everyone what I had learnt. To tell people to open their eyes and see what was right in front of them. To see that they COULD make a difference. I’m not sure that feeling ever goes for any vegan.

But the positive impact of these films for me has been enormous. I have never been happier, more fulfilled, healthier, excited by food and consciously aware of my impact on the earth. I am nourished and fulfilled and eating more than ever before.

Becoming vegan has been the single most life changing thing I have ever done. And it is the best decision I have ever made.

I hope these films inspire you as they did me!


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