World Vegan Day! 

Today is my favourite day in the year. It’s World Veganism Day!!! 

November is Vegan month and to celebrate I’m going to be blogging or vlogging every single day bringing you lots of awesome and educational vegan content and videos. I have a really exciting schedule planned and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys!

Here is a little sneak peak of what I have in store:

–          Some kick ass guest bloggers

–          A vegan experiment with a non-vegan

–          Vegan gift guide in the lead up to Christmas

–          Taste testing new vegan products

–          Let’s talk about textiles: wool, silk, fur, shellac, cashmere, angora, leather

–          Scanning the vegan horizon: what products you can expect to see over the next few months

–          My favourite places to eat

–          Top Tips for peaceful activism

–          Vegan tattoos

And a whole TONNE more! So make sure you’re subscribed to both my blog and YouTube channel to make sure you get your daily hit of Honestly Ombre.

If anyone wants to use this as an opportunity to trial veganism for 30 days, I have an eBook ‘Top Tips for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle’ that I’m giving away completely free all throughout November! So send me a message via email and I’ll get this sent out to you!

Make good choices today! It’s the perfect day to make a change you’ll thank yourself for for the rest of your life! 


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