I’ll be honest with you guys, for the last few years, my ‘skincare routine’ has consisted of Micellar water to take my make up off, followed by moisturiser and bed. I doubt you could even call it a routine.

I’m really good at taking my make up off, and regardless of how tired or crrrrunk I might be, I always take it off (with varying levels of success). But there was definitely room for improvement around what I put on my face to protect it, clean it, nourish it and prevent it from aging.

I was recently contacted by Tropics to give some of their skincare products a go, and I can honestly say I have a routine for the first time in years!

Tropics are an all natural, cruelty-free and vegan brand and I wanted to share with you my new routine and how I’ve been using each of the products as they have 100% rejuvenated my skin!

IMG_6271 IMG_6274  First of all, can we talk about how pretty they are?! Packaging is a huge part of a product for me, and this stuff could not get any more beautiful! Maybe it’s a girl thing, but if a product is boring or unattractive, I’m less likely to use it. These have looked SO gorgeous in my bathroom together.

Secondly, they smell divine – they’re packed full of essential oils and they smell so fresh and natural and healthy for your skin.


So in terms of my new routine, a product that can easily take off my make up, with zero hassle is definitely what I look for in a cleanser. I’ve been using the Smoothing Cleanser to take off my make up by squirting a few pumps on to my fingers and massaging it over my skin to cover my face and then wiping it off using the amazingly soft bamboo cloth run under warm water.

Typically I’ve been doing twice to ensure my face is really clean and I’ve removed all the make up. I then wash my face with warm water to remove the rest of the cleanser. I’ve found it tackles getting off make up a lot better than other cream cleansers I’ve used, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Following the cleanse, I’ve been obsessed with the Vitamin Spray – seriously guys, this stuff is the BOMB. A little spritz after washing my face feels so refreshing and nourishing. I’ve also been using it after I’ve applied my make up as a setting spray! I’d compare it to Clinque’s Moisture Surge spray – except this is totally natural and cruelty-free!! It’s such a beautiful product.



Now my favourite product is probably the Skin Revive Concentrate which I’ve been applying all over my face and neck to moisturise throughout the day and night. It’s silky and easy to apply and is such a good base to apply make up too as well (no face sliding here!) It smells so fresh and natural and is absorbed so easily into my skin.

Finally, at night time and early in the mornings I’ve been applying the Eye Refresh underneath my eyes and over my lids. It’s really cooling and reduces puffiness in the morning without being heavy or having a detrimental effect on my eye make up. I haven’t used an eye gel before and I’m seriously hooked.


The range has given structure to my skincare routine and I’ve honestly been amazed at the changes I’ve seen.  My skin has definitely been clearer since I started following this routine (I tend to have small break outs when it’s the time of the month, but seriously nada this time!!), and I feel like I’m making a big difference to my skin which I think is half the battle!


If you’re interested in improving your skincare routine, using high quality and importantly all natural products, I would hiiiiiiighly recommend having a look at the Tropics range for pure and natural products.

Now excuse me while I stand in the mirror and glow.



I have previously raved about Million Dollar Moisturiser and when my last pot came to an end a few weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and try something new. That might sound scary and ‘why change a good thing’, but I have total faith in all of Lush’s moisturisers and so I was keen to try something new!

This time I went for the Magical Moringa Balm and oh BOY was it a good move. It is such a beautiful silky balm type texture, nothing like Million Dollar in texture which is much wetter and like a cream. The Moringa Balm feels like you’re applying a primer to your face, it’s that gorgeous velvety texture that leaves your skin SOOOO soft you can barely feel it (you know what I mean, like those super soft blankets that feel like they slide through your fingers like water?…. what can I say, I’m a texture person).

IMG_6255I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and I’m nervous to say it, but I think it’s almost overtaken Million Dollar…. I know! I know! I’m such a flirt.

I can also tell the pot is going to last FOREVER. You need such a tiny amount each other. In terms of price, it was £32 so the same price range as those Million Dollar users among us.

IMG_6254  IMG_6256

If you’re tempted to branch out from your usual moisturiser, I would say go for it! You might just be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried other Lush moisturisers before? Which ones do I need to try?

Recently I’ve been really interested in using more natural products on my skin and I’m trying to move away from products with lots of chemicals in.

I think we all are a bit guilty of taking our skin for granted and not always treating it with the love and care it needs. We can often forget it’s an organ in its own right and breathes and absorbs what we put onto it. Those products can then end up within our system, so why wouldn’t we want to keep everything as natural as possible?

I’ve been dabbling in the world of natural deodorants. I watched a few blogs and read a few articles that focused on how porous our underarms are and many of the highstreet deodorants aren’t actually the best solution for keeping us fresh throughout the day.

Many of these products act as a blocker, so as your skin tries to sweat, it physically blocks it from happening to prevent wetness or odor. Now obviously no one wants to be the smelly kid, but at the same time, that really didn’t sound like something I wanted to continue for my body. There is also some research out there about the harmful effects of aluminium and so I decided I wanted to ensure my deodorant didn’t contain any.


Over the last 5 months I have tried a variety of natural deodorants which are SO much better for your skin. They’re all natural, cruelty-free, vegan and have honestly left my underarms softer than they have ever been before.

Do you sometimes suffer from red underarms, a bumpy surface to your armpit skin, or what looks like razor rash? Well it could actually be your skin reacting to the deodorant you’re putting on it and blocking it from breathing.

I wanted to share with you my top 3 Natural Deodorants I have tried so far to give you a feel for softer, more natural products you could be using. These products are the ones I have found most effective and I’m confident you will love!

The Natural Salt Lavender & Vanilla spray

This one is my favourite. It’s light and floral and feels really fresh on the skin. It is slightly wetter than a normal deodorant when first applied but it quickly dries, with no danger of white marks on your clothes.


Lush Aromaco Deodorant Bar

This is a solid deodorant bar that you rub on your underarms – it smells really nice and is easy to apply. It has the consistency of soap I think, rather than chalk or anything you might expect. You can either crumble a bit off and apply it or rub the actual bar directly onto your skin. IMG_6243IMG_6245

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

I truly love this stuff. The consistency is like a paste that you warm with your finger tips and apply onto your underarms. It comes with a cute spatula as well to help scoop it out the pot. I adore the smell and it has left my armpits so so soft it’s crazy.


I would say my body took some ‘adjusting’ i.e. I felt wetter than normal for around 2 weeks (not even sorry for the overshare), but this was just my body detoxifying and getting rid of any chemicals and products within my skin as it adjusted to using these new natural products. Now it is totally back to normal and I haven’t ever thought these deodorants weren’t doing as good a job as popular highstreet brands.

I’m honestly so pleased with the results and I know I’m doing the right thing by my body. It’s such a small change but one that will hopefully have a big difference for my skin.


Have you used a natural deodorant before and what was your experience? What brands should I try next?

Now I’m sure the majority of my readers have used dry shampoo before. I have nothing revolutionary to tell you, that stuff is a god send. I use various brands of dry shampoo 2-3 days a week in between washes (I normally wash my hair twice a week).

Recently I picked up the Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo and actually I’ve been really surprised with the results.

IMG_5659 Unlike some of the more popular brands like Batiste, it is in powder form rather than aerosol. This means you puff it into your hair rather than spray. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do. I thought it looked a bit scary and white in that bottle, and especially with dark brown hair, I thought it could all go disastrously wrong. But it’s actually much easier to use than I was expecting.

It’s very light, not heavy powder, and it’s been easy to control the amount that comes out. It smells fresh and clean and does a really good job of refreshening up hair on those in between days. It also doesn’t make your hair ENORMOUS like other brands I’ve used. It’s simply a dry shampoo.

I’m really really enjoying using it. Plus I love that it’s all natural. I’m doing any damage to my hair or putting nasty chemicals in it all day.

IMG_5660The only down side I can come up with is that it needs rubbing in to prevent that tell tale dusty look. But I do have very dark hair, and that isn’t an issue exclusively with this Dry Shampoo, I’ve found it with most brands I’ve tried.

If you’re in the market for a new dry shampoo, I’d pop into Lush. You might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

IMG_5662What’s your favourite dry shampoo brand?