Last week I turned 26. Like, real adult territory. No more hiding behind comfortable 24, gone are the days where you can blame ‘only being 25’, nope. 26 is legit. Damn it.

Anyway, I had a whole week of fun, because naturally most birthdays should last for a week (durr), so here’s a couple of snaps of my week of 26.

First up me and my girl Stace went had a date weekend and went strawberry picking! It was so fun and the most summery thing ever! It was a gorgeous hot day and it felt like a proper British summertime activity.

image (2)     image_1 (2)


Also didn’t manage to get any juice down my white t-shirt during the mandatory scoff as you fill your basket. Winning.

Our weekend was filled with BBQs, drinks, sunning ourselves and a cheeky trip to Bath to go to the Carnival there! It was such a beautiful day, sun was out, there were costumes, music, dancing and a parade to go with it! Best day.

image_3 (2) image_4 (2) image image_6 image_4 image_2 image_1

I also got totally spoilt on my actual birthday by my favourites & fam.  I was just at work on my birthday but had a lovely family meal and treats in the evening.

 My friends & bros also went to watch Avenue Q the night after which absolutely hilarious if you ever get to go!

 Yep, 26 got off to a really great start.

Feeling very lucky and super thankful for my people 💗

Have a great weekend!

So I’ve talked about my new apartment a bit now, and I recently shared some of the living room inspiration I’ve been stalking over the last few weeks. (Thank you Pinterest, you are the maker of all dreams!)

Today I thought it was time to try and figure out what I’m going to do with my kitchen. The kitchen in my apartment is pretty small. It’s the perfect size for me, but it’s not really a space you can socialise in as it’s pretty compact. At the moment all the cupboards are cream and the work top is grey.

These are some schemes and themes and call to my inner kitchen goddess and I’m fairly sure I just can’t live without.

First up, I adore blackboard walls and I think they look so cool in kitchens. They can feature as an art wall, but are also functional and where you can write menus, shopping lists, to do lists and chores.

Kitchen Inspo 1

Kitchen Inspo 6

I am desperate for a Smeg fridge. I mean, hello? Holy cuteness. Unfortunately I think they’re a bit outside my budget at the moment, so it’s temporarily on the ‘dreaming about’ list.

Kitchen Inspo 4

I mean, this black one is just too cool.

Kitchen Inspo 3

Because my Kitchen is quite small I need to think carefully about work top space and storage solutions. I think we’re all a bit guilty of filling our cupboards with big chunky appliances or tableware that we never use.

For example I have this dreaaaamy pie dish and matching rolling pin from Anthropologie. Have I ever used it? No.

Have I ever even made a pie? No.

So if I was able to keep my kitchen and tableware to a (stylish) minimum, something like these open shelves would be a perfect way to display some of those fancier pieces. (your day will come pie dish!)

Kitchen Inspo 5

In contrast to the black-board wall, I think subway tiles are also a really clever way to brighten up a small kitchen and give it a bit of an industrial modern twist.

Kitchen Inspo 7

They’re really versatile and can be set with grey grout like the picture above, or white, like the picture below. Both give really effective looks and a strong theme.

Kitchen Inspo 2

Ideally in the future I would love to change the worktop for a stylish wooden top or grey marble surface… but that might have to go on the wish list for now. Sigh.

So those are just a few of the themes I’m crushing over at the moment. This room, although pretty petite, has got me particularly inspired. I can’t wait to be in here cooking away in my new space.

Let the designing begin.

What is your favourite feature of your kitchen?

I’m a big fan of H&M Home.

Just as you’d expect from their clothing, the Homeware is super stylish and affordable, and bang on trend.

These are a few of the beauties currently hovering in my shopping basket, that I just can’t get enough of.

Untitled-1Collage 2

I’m drawn to the Textured CushionVelvet Pink CushionPom Pom CushionBed Spread and the Jute Rug for my bedroom scheme. I can imagine a bed piled high with white textured cushions and layered with boho throws and blankets.

The Jute Rug is also bang on trend, and although slightly (read: a lot) smaller than the super popular and pinned Armadillo & Co Rug, it’s also waaaaay way cheaper. #winning

Whereas the Mirror, the Marble PotMarble Coasters,  Rose Gold Pots, and Pineapple Candle I can see tying in with my monochrome study theme, with marble and rose gold accents and accessories. I think the Marble pot would be perfect as a pen pot, and the pineapple pot is totally Insta worthy.

Now all to do is click buy…

You might have heard me mention I’m in the process of buying an apartment, if you haven’t, hello? Where’ve you been?

I’m buying a cute little 2 bed apartment, that is just the perfect space and size for me, so for the last few weeks my head has been full of décor ideas. There’s just way too many to choose from!

Do I go floral/gypsy chic? Do I go cool white minimal? Do I go colour pop crazy? Choices maaaaan. It’s hard.

This room will be used a.lot. it will be home to film nights on the sofa, catch ups over a cup of tea, a place to read, a place to eat, a place to watch tv… the list goes on. I basically need it to be stylish and reflect my taste, while being functional and flexible at the same time.

These are some of my favourite themes and styles I’ve been stalking on Pinterest for the last few weeks.


I tend to be drawn to styles like this a lot.

Living Room Inspiration 6

I love the mint green sofa, black and white accents and the eclectic mix of accessories. Scheme goals right here.Living Room Inspiration 1

This half painted wall is just dreamy. I love the subtle colours mixed with the minimal accessories and cool feature wall. Living Room Inspiration 3

I also adore schemes like this – everything looks so mismatched but perfectly coordinated at the same time. A dream.Living Room Inspiration 2

This space is slightly more functional with a desk area at the back. I’m going to have to fit a small dining table in my living room, so I need to think about how I can differentiate between the two areas.

Living Room Inspiration 4

These shelves are such a clever way to create the illusion of a a built in bookcase. I love the cosy colours in this scheme too. This is exactly the cool and calm I’m looking for. I think I want to keep the walls quite neutral, so a scheme like this could easily be changed up when the mood hits!

I’m currently pinning like crazy on Pinterest so if you want to keep track of other ideas I’m pinning, come find me and say hey!

I’m excited for this new venture! Bring on the styling!

What is the most important or favourite feature of your living room space?